Monday, March 14, 2011

Sometimes He Makes a Grouchy Face

Ryann and Betty hijacked this week's blog.  I was banished from the computer room while they conspired and interviewed and hammed it up for the camera:

Betty:  Tell me about your Dad?
Ryann: Well,  I love him.

If you had to use only 2 words to describe your Dad, what would you say?
 He is the best.  He's the best hugger and the best at woodworking.  Snuggle night is my favorite. Because he's puffy and cuddly and warm.

Do you know that your Dad has MS?

What does that mean?
He has to take shots every morning. He can't walk very far because his legs will start really hurting. He has to eat good.  He can't eat some things. 

Like what?
Like chocolate.  

Would you miss eating chocolate? 

Do you know what MS is?
No.  I just know he has MS . . . you're writing down everything that I say! 

I'm trying to! Do you like being interviewed?
Yes.  Because it's fun.

Why does your Dad have to eat good?
Or else he will get sick or something.

What's it like when your Dad is sick?
One time someone had to come and watch me.  Because he couldn't watch me because he was in bed sick.

Do you think your Dad likes to eat good food?
Well I don't really know that but I think yes and no.

Why yes?
Because he likes your food [insert big grin from Betty] and it's healthy.  And he likes his food.

Why no?
Because sometimes I see him make a grouchy face when he eats healthy food.

Why do you think he wants to eat good food?
So he can start walking around and bringing me to the park and taking me and Abby [the Jack Russel terrier] for a walk.

What do you think your Dad thinks about having MS?
It's horrible.  

Because he can't do many things.  Like he might want to walk me to the park and have fun and take walks but he can't do it.  

But you think he would like to?

How do you think your Dad feels when he wants to take you to the park but his legs are too tired?
Horrible.  Because it really, really would make him hurt.

Do you know the word frustrated?
Yes.  It means that you're really mad.

Do you think your Dad feels frustrated?

What do you think frustrates him about having MS?
Once he walked me to the park and his legs hurt.

Do you know anyone else with MS?
No, maybe my Dad does, but I don't.

Do you have any advice for someone with MS?
No, not really.  Well, I would say to help by serving good food.

Why is good food so important?
So you can feel good and you can be the best at stuff.

Is good food just important for people with MS?
No.  It's important for everyone.

Do you eat good food?
Yeah.  I eat vegetables.  And energy food like yogurt.

What else should we talk about?

Have you noticed anything different about your Dad since he started eating healthy?
Yes!  He can walk better.

Why do you think he wants to get better?
So he can do stuff with me.

Why does he want to do that?
Because he loves me.

Do you love him?
Yes.  Of course!

Could you measure how much you love him?
No!  I love him too much!

What's your favorite treat in the whole world?
Lollipops and chocolate.

Which do you love more, lolli- 
My Dad!

What's something that makes you really happy?
My Dad.

Why?  There's probably a billion reasons.
I have too many and I can't pick.  Because he tucks me in at night.

Do you think your Dad loves you?
Yes, of course he does!

How can you tell?
Because he kisses me every night.

If you could whisper something really sweet to your Dad, what would you whisper?

"I love you . . . so much"


                  There's a party in my tummy
                  So yummy, so yummy . . .
                                             Yo Gaba Gaba

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